07-19-19 // 22:00h 



AITANA – In Concer

Aitana is one of Spain’s best new artists and the one that will most probably have the greatest international exposure. When she had just turned 18, she was one of the winners of Spanish Television’s leading program, Operación Triunfo. Her way of transmitting emotions and her personality earned her the affection of the audience, and her voice, a genuine and unique musical instrument, has earned her millions of fans in Spain and all over the world.

On her departure from the OT Academy she initiated a meteoric career, full of achievements and recognitions, over the past months this has made her break digital records and accumulate earnings never seen before in Spain by a new artist.

Aitana has spent the last year immersed in sessions of songwriting and singing, and some months ago we were able to enjoy her first EP, Trailer, which has been acknowledged by the fans and has received a Platinum record. Soon she will be releasing her first LP, which is the foretaste to the event most awaited by her fans since she started her solo career: The Play Tour, which will take her all over Spain this summer.

As she says: “I’m learning and enjoying every step of it. Play Tour is the show that I have been working on for months so that I can share it with my fans, the audience that I feel so close to, they support me and push me to try to improve and grow every day”.