07-25-19 // 22:00h 


Joan Baez

On July 25th, Sitges Jardins Terramar Festival presents Joan Baez in concert, the extraordinary opportunity to see an artist of priceless historical influence live. An icon of freedom, she burst into the world music scene in 1959 at the Newport Folk Festival, exactly sixty years ago.


From 1960 to 1962, Joan Baez published her first three albums, completing a fantastic trilogy that put her at the top of the folk genre. In times of the Vietnam War and the call for civil rights, troubled times in her native United States. The New Yorker began to lead festivals and events, focusing her records on social causes and protest songs, adding gold record after gold record to her achievements. She adapted to the business’ changes, adding instrumentation to her austere troubadour music, with new albums that gladly accepted orchestrations.


Her style turned towards country and pop, with emblematic lp’s like “One Day at a Time!” (1970) and “Come from the Shadows” (1972), progressively moving away from the adaptations of other artists material and enhancing her own. In 1974 she published “Gracias a la vida”, her first album sung entirely in Spanish, with songs by Latin American and Spanish authors. Then came important titles such as “Diamonds & Rust” (1975), “Recently” (1988), “Gone From Danger” (1997), “Bowery Songs” (2005) or the most recent “Whistle Down The Wind” (2018).), where she demonstrates her wish to proclaim it’s contemporaneity.