08-02-19 // 22:00h 



In a very short time, Morat has become one of the most important folk pop groups in the music scene throughout Latin America and Spain. Their debut album Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios”, made a worldwide impact with songs like “Mi nuevo vicio”, along with Paulina Rubio, “Cómo te atreves” or “Yo contigo, tú conmigo” with Álvaro Soler, included in the soundtrack of the movie “Gru3 Mi favourite villain”. Now finally they have released their new album titled “Balas pérdidas”, with which they will start a tour that will bring them to the Jardins Terramar Festival in Sitges next August 2nd. This second Morat album is a collection of 12 songs, which includes “Besos en guerra” with Juanes, which has already exceeded 260 million views on YouTube and become a Double Platinum Disc, “Punto y aparte“, “Cuando nadie me ve” also a Platinum Record in Spain, and” El embrujo “, together with Antonio Carmona and Josemi Carmona.

On their last tour they “sold out” all their concerts in Spain, Mexico, Argentina or in their native Colombia. Morat treasures magic, talent and experience. They are Juan Pablo Isaza, guitar and voice, Juan Pablo Villamil, guitar, bass and voice, Martín Vargas, percussion and choruses, and Simón Vargas, bass and choruses; four friends that music united and took them from Bogotá to the world.

As they themselves emphasize “No one can escape a stray bullet, because no one can flee from what he does not expect. And like the lost bullets, which come and go unannounced, the songs work in the same way. Here we leave you twelve lost bullets in the hope that, one way or another, they will reach someone, as they have already reached us. ”