07-28-19 // 22:00h 


Rick Astley

Rick Astley, one of the most unique voices in the music industry, is a prophet in his homeland and an ambassador of British pop culture around the world. A voice that had a great impact in 1987 – when he was only 20 years old – with the global hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which was number 1 in a total of twenty-five countries.

The triumvirate Stock, Artken & Waterman – great hit creators of the 80s – discovered his talent and launched him to world-wide stardom, turning Rick Astley into an icon with more than a dozen hits, songs like “Together forever”, “Hold me in your arms” or “She wants to dance with me”. An era that turned pop music upside down, selling more than 40 million albums. In 2007 an online joke turned “Never Gonna Give You Up” into a viral sensation with more than 440 million views.

This circumstance caused his name to get known again after years away from music’s frontline and made him known to a new audience. In 2016 he returned to the stage in style with the album “50” and his spectacular band, reaching number 1 on the British charts.

Last summer, he released “Beatiful life”, a new album with unpublished songs. Now in 2019 his tour starts in the United Kingdom with more than fifty concerts, including eight nights at The O2 Arena and ten consecutive dates at the Manchester Arena, before his concert at the Sitges Jardins Terramar Festival, next July 28th.