1.1 How can I get my ticket?

Tickets can only be purchased at points of sale expressly authorised by the Organisers, in this case www.festivaljardinsterramar.com and Enterticket. The Organisers cannot be held responsible for tickets that have not been purchased at the official points of sale.

On the opening days of the Festival, tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office on the Festival site.

If you have any doubts about your tickets, you can contact Enterticket Customer Service by phone at (+34) 96 321 15 37 or by e-mail at ventas@enterticket.es

2.1 When is it possible to return a ticket?

Tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. Once purchased, it is not possible to exchange or return them. Not being able to attend the show or making a mistake when purchasing tickets are not grounds for a refund. Tickets will only be refunded in the following circumstances:

If a concert is cancelled (in other words, when a concert is cancelled and a new date is not set), the Organisers undertake to refund the cost of tickets.

If there are substantial changes to the event (e.g. change of date of a concert), the Organisers undertake to refund the corresponding sum. However, if customers prefer, instead of directly requesting a ticket refund, they can keep the ticket for an event that has been changed under the same conditions as the ticket originally purchased, at no additional cost.

In the other cases established in current legislation, the Organisers undertake to refund the ticket price.

However, total or partial cancellation of the event due to force majeure will under no circumstances give rise to a refund of the ticket price, except in cases where this is legally established.

As long as the Festival can be held normally, bad weather conditions will not entitle ticket-holders to receive a refund.

Any other additional costs arising from attending a concert, such as accommodation, flights, trains, petrol, insurance, etc., will not be covered by the Organisers if the Festival is cancelled or substantially modified.

If a Festival concert is cancelled or substantially modified, the Organisers will establish a specific period of time and a specific procedure for the client to request a refund, in accordance with the law. After that time no refund requests will be accepted. In order to proceed with such a refund, proof must be provided that the user has purchased a Festival ticket.

2.2 Is it possible to request the transfer of the ticket to another person or to add a supplement?

Yes, it is possible. Click this link to make such a request: https://venta.enterticket.es/cambios

3.1 Does the Festival take any extraordinary measures due to the current health situation?

Entering the venue implies accepting the health and hygiene regulations laid down by the Government of Catalonia in force at the time of each event.

3.2 Can I bring my ticket on my smart phone, without a print-out?

Of course! You can download your tickets in PDF format on your smart phone or download the e-tickets and add them to your PassWallet app and show them on your phone. No photos or screenshots will be accepted.

3.3 Can I enter the venue if the concert has already started?

Once the show has started, the doors remain open until 15 minutes before the end of the event.
However, there may be exceptions for certain events where access once the show has started could adversely affect the performance.

3.4 Can I leave the venue?

Yes, but once you leave you cannot enter again because your ticket is no longer valid.

3.5 Is there a security check to enter the venue?

Yes. Before you enter the venue, our security team will check bags and rucksacks and ensure that no dangerous or unauthorised objects are brought in.

3.6 Can I enter the venue with food or drink?

Bringing food or drink from outside the venue is not allowed, with the following exceptions:

– Access with water is permitted, but it must be in a plastic container without a cap and with a capacity of no more than 50 cl. Access with alcoholic beverages and glass containers is not permitted.
– Access with food in special cases of proven allergies or intolerances, or baby food, is permitted.

3.7 Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted inside the Auditorium where the concerts are held.

4.1 What is the address of the venue?

Festival Jardins Terramar
Carrer de Cristòfor Colom, s/n (corner of Carrer d’Isaac Peral) – 08870 Sitges – Barcelona

4.2 Is parking available?

No, you can park without problems in the streets around the Festival venue.

5.1 Is there anywhere to eat at the festival venue?

Yes, there are two options for dining within the Jardins Terramar Festival site: the Restaurant, with a menu designed by Cal Blay – the best option for enjoying an excellent culinary experience in an elegant atmosphere – and our Village Zone, with a wide range of quality fast food for a more informal meal.

6.1 Can children enter the venue?

Children aged under 16 may only enter the venue accompanied by an adult, on presentation of signed authorisation with the details of both parties. You can download the authorisation here.

6.2 Do children have to buy a ticket to enter the venue?

Due to current regulations, all concert-goers, including children and adults, must purchase a ticket, regardless of age or of whether they occupy a seat.

6.3 Is there a special price for children?

There is no special price or discount for children.