The Sitges music festival “Jardins Terramar” arrives on its 2nd edition with the aim of being consolidated itself as a unique experience of entertainment, culture, gastronomy and sensorial experiences. The festival wants to stablish itself as a reference point in the intense programme of Sitges as well as get getting involved with its community. Sitges is one of the most important tourist destinations at international level and Jardins Terramar the festival that has become a reference point in the coast of Barcelona.

The celebration of this new edition will take place the last weekends of July and the first week of August, the best season to enjoy the gardens, which celebrate their centenary this current year. From 20:00 to 02:00, it will be possible to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of this natural spot and its heritage.

This area, surrounded by a natural unique space, is located at one end of the Sitges promenade and is decorated with exquisite ornaments typical from the “noucentisme”, a Catalan cultural movement of the early 20th century. The festival wants to contribute to enhancing the own biosphere of Terramar gardens. The recent recovery of this space with its central pond is a good example of this willingness to make known this natural area of Sitges, protect it and increase ecological awareness.

The festival also offers concerts of well-known artist, gastronomic, leisure and cultural activities. It becomes a unique platform to discover ingenuity, art and local talent which makes possible that dance, sculpture, painting, micro theatre and music from local bands have their own space in the festival.

Therefore, the festival of Terramar gardens in Sitges positions itself as the most interesting option for those seeking musical shows of high quality, gastronomic variety and an extraordinary natural environment.